1st Mythic Ny’alotha…

We put together a Mythic Ny’alotha raid with 7-9 non-pug members to start and filled remainder with pugs…we went at it for hours (seemed like) on Wrathion…what worked against us initially…I think was probably pugs dropping when the first attempts didn’t go well…when we started getting Wrathion below 50% health…people started staying for a few pulls longer.

The 2nd to last pull before we called it for the night, we got Wrathion to approximately 3.7% health last time I spotted it…I’m pretty happy with that.

Hopefully we can get a larger pool of friends of the guild (no server transfers or guild joining required) so we can do these attempts without having to deal with some of the stress that comes with pugging.

If anyone is interested in Mythic Ny’alotha when I’m able to put them together…if you can get an in-game mail to Dhuram-Bonechewer or Valkyri-Bonechewer (GM), I’ll try to add you to the pool. A reminder, we are a Horde based guild/set of players, so obviously Alliance need not apply <3 (Hearts are punctuation)

An additional and possibly preferable option for expressing raiding interest is via email. I’ve just created a guild email address that can be emailed with your battle-tag, and character name, realm, class and spec for consideration. That email address is phoenix.risen.horde@gmail.com. Periods/dots between words before the @. Please put “Mythic Raid Pool” in the subject line so I know what I’m looking at. If you use the email link in the previous sentences…it should automatically setup the proper subject text and you can just fill out your other information in the body.

I’ll try to code a separate form that will allow you guys to just fill out this info and have it auto send an email to us so you don’t have to explicitly email…but that’s work, xD

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