Phoenix Risen is a Horde guild based in World of Warcraft on the Bonechewer realm. We are an adult casual guild whose motto is “Real life always comes first”. We realize that not everyone can play everyday and sometimes real world gets in the way of our having fun. We accept new and returning players, as well as being an alt-friendly place to hang out and enjoy the game.

~ Valkyri (@dragunladee)

The site has/will have content that non-members of the guild or the web site can consume, but will take some time to generate the content for those sections. I will probably add the current incarnation of the Risen Addon to the Addon page and start renaming the zip file with date and time so that some form of versioning is in place and will just add an ascending list of links to the zip files so that any given version of the addon can be accessed and any newer revisions that have been posted can be downloaded to update the existing addon files.

~ Dhuram (@steviesama)

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