About Raiding

This information is about Phoenix Risen raiding in general, at least any raid created by me (Dhuram); any member is welcome to put together raids/events/etc at their own discretion.

Raids that happen will not necessarily have a set schedule or necessarily recur indefinitely. Personally, I have quite erratic sleep/energy patterns and can not typically rely on being able to always do something. That being said, I also teeter-totter between Mythic+ dungeon runs (usually for IO Score building) and whatever else I’m messing around with.

If anyone gets in touch and plans to attend a raid I attempt to put together (in a short time period) I will tend to wait for you, however for group morale/motivation, not typically more than 30’ish minutes. I don’t expect a group to ever be completely non-pug so whoever is missing, the raid will be listed and the remaining slots filled with pugs.

Any people with overtly negative attitudes, consistently poor performance to the point that it is holding a majority of the raid back will be informed and removed from the raid in order to maintain some weekly progress (this includes myself if it were to become a problem).

If a large portion of the raid (likely) consists of pug member, expect complaining. Sometimes, if valid, pug complaints can lead to raid adjustments (member reconfig). It will be a fair process, but for instance, don’t expect to be carried without reasonably carrying your weight in difficulty appropriate raids (or any content really).

For other information, such as specific raids, raid statuses (progression) for a specific raid on a given week, refer to the other sub-menu items in the Raiding menu this page is found under.

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