Splattercuss – Mighty Caravan Cant Leave Guild AH Mount

Congratz to Splattercuss, the guild ass-rape Ret Pally, on getting the Mighty Caravan, the super expensive 5 million gold AH Mount. Now none of us have to remember anything…he got the mailbox quest sh*t done too…WOOT! Below the… Read More


So I finally got my N’zoth AOTC and got my uncorrupted voidwing! WOOT! WOOT!

GM’s are born or spawn…?

Today is the GM of Phoenix Risen’s hatching anniversary; Happy Birthday Valkyri!!! I hope you have a great one. Today she hopes to crack 2,000 Raider.IO Score; wish her luck! Hey Valkyri…I forgot to say…I’m probably not going… Read More

The first post…

This is the Phoenix Risen Guild web site. I was going to create a custom theme for it, and still may, but for the time being this retro 8-bit looking theme seems cool. Site icon and some of… Read More

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