Attempts at Wrathion in Mythic Ny’alotha and up to the entire first wing will begin being put together soon. Any member of friends of the guild that are interested in being a part of the raid contact me in-game (Dhuram-Bonechewer) or the GM (Valkyri-Bonechewer). For the moment use in-game mail. A guild email address will be insert in this info section at a later date. Keep an eye on this section for this update.

The attempts won’t be limited to the first wing, but after the first wing and when it will happen will not be “planned” and won’t necessarily be a linear path, depends on where I wanna attempt (feel confident about trying), and to some degree where people want to attempt.

Core Raid Member Composition

There will be people who will typically be with me and some that may vary depending on interest and availability. Below will be a list of these people with character name, class, spec, role, realm, etc.

DhuramBonechewerGuardian DruidTank
NucleiTichondriusProtection PaladinTank
ValkyriBonechewerBeast Mastery HunterDamage
StatichavocMadoranEnhancement ShamanDamage
AsianMadoranBeast Mastery HunterDamage
JumbotDarkspearRestoration DruidHealer
PhantomBonechewerOutlaw RogueDamage
BlooddeathDarkspearFrost Death KnightDamage
Non-PUG Tentative Core Players for Mythic Ny’alotha Raid

Raid Boss Video Guides

Please review these videos before attending the raid so there is a frame of reference. The videos are listed in the order the bosses will be attempted.

Mythic Wrathion Video Guide
Mythic Skitra Video Guide
Mythic Maut Video Guide
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