This page will contain a list of the web site menu hierarchy and the content that can be found within each menu item.

  • Videos
    • A top level page that may and will likely contain sub-pages containing strings of relate videos. Routine videos will likely be added as posts under category Mythic+ usually with the tag Video. This section will probably be for specific, organizational purposes.
  • Addon
    • Takes you to a top level page that summarizes the Phoenix Risen World of Warcraft Addon. It will eventually have sub-pages that can be seen and visited when this menu item is hovered about more specific Risen Addon content; but for the time being it will be more general. The addon is additionally more of a suite of features that includes some Raider.IO tracking and slash and even party chat commands for requesting a party members bestruns for instance !bestruns Valkyri if in party with the Phoenix Risen GM to see her best runs as well as her summed Raider.IO score. It also logs completed Mythic+ runs which gets saved when logging out properly which the IO Score can be added to after the Raider.IO website updates the run’s score. If it is the highest, the previously mentioned chat command will list it. It does other things as well as had some fundamental building blocks that some Weak Auras that have been created use. For the time being, it does a handful of things.
    • Addon Download
      • This contains a list of Phoenix Risen Addon zip file archives with timestamps so newer revisions can be downloaded to update the addon for anyone who may have installed it. Will contain information regarding changes in each revision. Other sections will cover addon features and a roadmap where existing or new features might develop or emerge.
  • Tutorials
    • Planned to contain tutorials related to any technical related content on the web site…but may contain any tutorial content. Undecided as to the extent.
  • Forums
    • This will take you to the Phoenix Risen Forums. Note: This feature is not currently on a fast track; other fundamental features and structural elements will be put in place first. TBA.
  • About
    • The button itself when pressed takes you to the Phoenix Risen About page that tells you about the guild. When hovered, the list items below are displayed for additional options.
    • Sitemap
      • The page you are currently viewing which shows the menu hierarchy of the site and gives a description of what each menu item is for.
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