Castle Nathria Normal/Heroic Raid Guide – All Bosses (YouTube Playlist)

As of this posting, we are as a guild, doing the Huntsman kill attempt on Normal. Go to this YouTube Playlist and check out the Huntsman Video Guide and refer to the rest as needed as progression proceeds…. Read More

Splattercuss – Mighty Caravan Cant Leave Guild AH Mount

Congratz to Splattercuss, the guild ass-rape Ret Pally, on getting the Mighty Caravan, the super expensive 5 million gold AH Mount. Now none of us have to remember anything…he got the mailbox quest sh*t done too…WOOT! Below the… Read More

GM’s are born or spawn…?

Today is the GM of Phoenix Risen’s hatching anniversary; Happy Birthday Valkyri!!! I hope you have a great one. Today she hopes to crack 2,000 Raider.IO Score; wish her luck! Hey Valkyri…I forgot to say…I’m probably not going… Read More

Raiding: Mythic Ny’alotha

Before long I will likely start putting together Mythic Nya’lotha raids much like I did some months back with Heroic. I would emphasize that these raids will be semi-casual…occasionally casual-hardcore so-to-speak and will generally have no set schedule… Read More

The first post…

This is the Phoenix Risen Guild web site. I was going to create a custom theme for it, and still may, but for the time being this retro 8-bit looking theme seems cool. Site icon and some of… Read More

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