For the moment, this page will only have the sample video below as a placeholder.

This video is, however, I believe according to Statichavoc (the Enhancement Shaman from the video), the first 15 or higher key our core group has timed together with no pug members at all; a cool milestone.

Once some sort of post or video page hierarchy is worked out, the relevant videos will be re-organized and moved from here and this page will be a hub for video content and/or possible a link to lists of specific video content. Probably related to Mythic+ runs usually.

Lol…that healer bar aura…I really need to update that custom code to have like PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD or whatever the event is, and whatever the event is for like players changing roles…cause it falls flat on detecting it when those things happen. Particularly if I get disconnected or have to close the client, sigh.

Dhuram (476 Guardian) Waycrest Manor +15 Timed (Fortified, Bolstering, Grievous, Awakened)
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